The Landrun 50k in Stillwater, Oklahoma Will Be March 11th 2017.

Here is an update:

The Landrun 50k signups will be held on , the same process used to sign up for the LR100, look for the category “Land run 50k Ultra Marathon” to sign up . This registration will start November 19th at 7AM. Only 100 spots! There will be a fun run and ride on signup day at District Bicycles, so come hangout with all your fellow participants.

The course map will be released after signups, as we are following District’s lead in keeping the map under wraps until we get close to race day Hint: There will be lots of gravelly hills. Like… as many as we can find. It will be painfully fun, we promise.

Things have changed a bit this year. As we’ve added more open spots for runners, we’ve had to set a price on signups. Churn and Burn has always wanted, and enjoyed, having races at the lowest possible cost point. We never plan to make a penny off of our races because we truly just love putting them on and spreading the joy of our favorite past time. Land Run 50K will cost $40. This will include a Land Run 50K shirt, free beer, 2 aid stations and a full swag bag. For the male and female first place finishers from 2015 (Stormy Phillips and Ruthie Loffi) we have given them free and automatic entrance this year.

The weekend before the race we wanted to do something very special, so we will be hosting two more 50K’s the weekend before the race. These will be completely free and of course will be fatass style, i.e. take as long as you want, go as far as you want, and bring your own supplies. Saturday March 4th we will meet out at McMurtry and run the west side trails twice, then Sunday, March 5th we will meet back out at McMurtry and run the east side trails twice.

These will be completely fun and completely free. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come run, even for a few miles. We will have a prize for the winners from both days as well as a big prize for the winner for both Saturday and Sunday for overall performance. If you come to these runs than we ask you please bring everything you need for a 50K run. We will have some water, gels, and bananas; only the basics.

Remember there is an entrance fee at McMurtry of $6. If you have any questions or want to carpool with us please let us know, and we’d be happy to have you along for the ride.

As for race day, it is still in the works. It will be bigger, a lot bigger. We can’t wait to see everyone again! Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates. If you have any questions please let us know by emailing us at We are very excited about the 2017 LR 50k, and hope you are as well.

Churn and Burn Running